About GreenField Chemical Inc.


Since 1997, GreenField has been a valuable partner to our customers involved in development of branded and generic pharmaceutical products. We are small in size but strong in experience. Together, GreenField represents over 80 years of pharmaceutical product development experience in virtually all phases of the development timelines.

Our personnel have the experience in senior management of API and dose form development and manufacturing. We’ve taken our experience in ‘‘big’’ pharma and developed a company that can help small, medium and large, private and publically traded companies develop and manage their pharmaceutical products.

GreenField provides sourcing services for small molecule API raw materials, intermediates and final products. We have access to injectable and oral formulation CMOs. We can also provide analytical development and support services.

Our consulting services consist of everything from product portfolio life cycle management, due diligence evaluations, project management and strategic planning.

Our target customers are:

• Generic houses looking for API and dose form CMOs

• Branded pharma companies looking for specific API manufacturing expertise

• Virtual companies looking for any support company to support the development, manufacture and distribution of their pharmaceutical product